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A strong foundation

The trailer industry is part of our DNA. We’ve been serving some of the the largest names in North American trailer manufacturing for several years. Our automations have contributed to over $200M in client growth. Learn more about the history of our parent brand Impelos by clicking here.

Experience = direction

Our experience as solution providers to trailer manufacturers allows us to see opportunities in the retail trailer industry. Enter Deal Sector. We turn the problem into a solution. No longer do trailer dealers have to suffer from a lack of an integrated and automated inventory management and website platform that isn’t burdensome and time consuming to use. The Deal Sector brand carries our success with trailer manufacturers into to the retail branch of the industry, bringing tested, powerful automations to your business.

Real support and automated solutions

We offer website design and development, QuickBooks ™ integrations, inventory management tools, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist automations, and a mobile app that speeds inventory creation. We even support with other technologies used in your business. Together, our tools and support will multiply your selling power, increase ROI, and carry your brand to the masses.

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