Portable Storage Containers

Revolutionize your industry

If you’re a shipping container dealer, you know the power – and the pains – of what it means to manage inventory and customer expectations. We know you do! Our tandem inventory management and website listing features are designed specifically for you.

Modernize your sales process

The Deal Sector mobile app streamlines the intake of new containers. It’s as simple as using the app to scan the CSC plate on any new inventory. In Deal Sector Ops Center, that storage container is added to your inventory management view, and can even be pushed directly to your website, photos and all.

Take advantage of the digital world

Posting inventory online is something very few portable storage businesses do. Most inventory solutions are either not suited for container dealers or not user friendly enough to make managing web inventory a quick, simple process. We make it quick and simple. It’s never been so easy to take advantage of what your competitors aren’t doing and put yourself in the lead.