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Deal Sector Ops is a powerful inventory management suite that has the capability to work as both a standalone program for inventory management, and can also integrate with a website, financial application, and numerous online marketplaces. Tired of entering each inventory unit in multiple platforms? Deal Sector is your solution!

Ops is the better way to manage inventory and your website. The greatest thing about Ops is automation. Ops talks to your website and your financial solution to eliminate the double entry of inventory data; no more entering inventory for records keeping or marketing in multiple platforms. This automation also works in reverse. When inventory is invoiced in your financial solution, inventory on the web site and other marketplaces is updated accordingly, and the sale is archived. Ops will save countless expensive hours of performing the day to day chores surrounding retail. Oh – it get’s better than that. Pair Ops with the Deal Sector Mobile App, and automate the generation of inventory listings, too.

The time savings offered by our sales and management automations is invaluable!

Management of user permissions could not be made easier. Create account profiles for your employees, and control what they have access to. Client also has complete control over the inventory categories and search-ability features on your website from within Ops, so you’re always able to stay up to date with your market’s demands. More importantly, you’re able to straighten the path between a customer’s desire and a sale by increasing search efficiency and displaying relevant inventory with regards to each customer’s needs. This smart search engine will change the way your customers browse inventory, and ultimately will lead to an increase in sales and user friendliness.

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