Inventory management

Your customers deserve better! You know what your customers are looking for, and our job is to help them to find it. Using Ops Center, you have the ability to create your own inventory categories and assign as many categories to a trailer or container as needed. Make life easy for your customers. Chat with us below.

Inventory is hard To Find

Most of today’s inventory management systems have the same weakness – they don’t categorize inventory on your website in a way that gets the point across. You really want your customers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for, even when they aren’t familiar with “industry-standard” terms.  We help you present the product by its use-cases and our powerful inventory search engine makes online shopping a pleasant experience!

Deal Sector changes the game and puts the business owner in the driver’s seat. You set the categories and assign as many as apply to each of your products.

Inventory is hard To Manage

Deal Sector makes creating new inventory a breeze!  Moving from the traditional add one at a time, setting every attribute as you go, to a world of automated pushes from your Dealer Management System (DMS) that handle automatic adding of new inventory (cloning attributes from similar items in your inventory history) and marking units sold as they no longer exist in your DMS.

Inventory Photography is A Pain

With our mobile app, inventory photography becomes as easy as it gets… but even easier when you’ve previously had a matching unit in stock!  Whether you’re using our cloning method or our automated DMS feed, image management has never been easier!

Inventory is The Core of Your Business

You’re in business to supply your market with the inventory they need to get their jobs done. Your profitability increases as you’re able to present that inventory to your market in a way they understand and turn that into a purchase decision.  At Deal Sector, we’re always working on better ways to help you make that happen. 

Dealer Websites

Industry-Specific, SEO-Tailored Trailer Dealer Websites

Mobile App

No Faster Way to Get New Inventory in Front of the World!

Marketplace Integration

Facebook Marketplace, Google, Craigslist, and Custom Feeds!

Inventory Management

Easily Manage Website and Marketing Inventory

Deal Sector Messenger

Integrate Texting, Facebook Messenger, and Google Reviews

Solve the problem and win

Deal Sector supports multiple users and user roles and multiple dealership locations, even multiple inventory types. Get in the driver’s seat, and drive it like you own it. Contact us for a demo.