Deal Sector Can Integrate
With Your DMS!​​

Why Integrate With Your DMS Solution?

The goal behind integrating your DMS and your website is to reduce manual data entry performed by staff at the dealership, as well as to reduce errors in that data, while automating the marketing functions that accompany your web inventory. If inventory data already exists in your DMS, why pay someone to enter the same data twice, or thrice, in different business tools? Selling trailers shouldn’t be so cumbersome.

How does data flow?

Most DMS providers will have some level of inventory synchronization process to facilitate integration abilities. Nearly ALL of them have the ability to simply export inventory data. Depending on the structure of your particular DMS, inventory that exists in your DMS is carried into Deal Sector via API or a simple inventory feed, and synchronized daily. In some cases, it can be synchronized in real time. Inventory entered in the DMS is automatically in Deal Sector and displayed on your website.

When trailers are sold or invoiced in your DMS, it will trigger the automatic removal of that unit from your website and any marketing services that are connected. Inventory is entered one time, in one place, and that’s it!

Seam Integration

What marketing add-ons are offered with this integration?

So – we really like automating. Not only does inventory that is in your DMS automatically get pushed to your website through Deal Sector, but Deal Sector can also push your trailer inventory to Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Craigslist, and more. Custom inventory feeds to marketplaces of your choosing are available.

One data entry point literally does it all – inventory is shared with any connected platforms and/or programs.

Take your time back, and sell more while our automation does the work.

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