Don’t have time to add inventory to your site?
We have an app for that.

Inventory Management

Automate the creation of inventory listings using the Deal Sector Mobile App. Our app makes it easy to get inventory listings up fast, just a minute or two for each trailer or conex unit. It’s as fast as taking a few pictures in app, and automatically uploads to all of your platforms! 

The Deal Sector Mobile App will save your business countless hours, and make the process of generating inventory listings fun and easy when that new inventory comes in! The Deal Sector App is used in conjunction with Ops, our DMS, and that means that inventory created with our mobile app can also get pushed to your website and financial solution. Read more about Ops here, or contact us for more details!

The work flow is simple. Simply use the app to scan for a VIN number on a trailer or a shipping container’s serial number, take a few pictures, and set your price. One touch pushes that inventory listing to your website, to our inventory management platform, and even to your financial solution! Say goodbye to double entry of inventory data in multiple platforms. We turn a cumbersome and time consuming process into an enjoyable and quick task so that you can focus your time on the most valuable aspect of retail – interacting with your customers.

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