Manufacturer Ordering Automation​

Track Trailer

Create and track trailer loads from all of your manufacturing suppliers on one easy to use platform! Eliminate long phone calls and emails from the ordering process, and increase your visibility into the supply chain that fuels your dealership.

Our ordering automation platform allows the dealer to communicate with, and order from, all of their suppliers in one location. Consolidate supplier communications, manage orders more intelligently, and streamline the ordering process.

Order history is displayed in a grid view, with visibility into past and open orders, and the ability to mark loads as being received. Break down by supplier, date, and status. Avoid having to utilize separate reporting or different management platforms for each supplier, and enjoy the time savings that accompany a centralized ordering platform.

Greater visibility of spending and order status allows the client to refine their ordering process and increase the efficiency of turning inventory, reducing the cost of each sale and increasing margins overall.

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