Craigslist Integrations

Craiglist Marketing

Craigslist was one of the first online marketing services that provided a way to connect dealerships with their local audiences. A valuable marketplace for today’s dealership, it can be time consuming to manage. Finding the right balance between the time you spend manually creating Craigslist adds and the time you spend actually selling can be difficult. Why not automate that process?

Craigslist is a valuable way to connect with your local audiences, but creating and managing inventory postings can be time consuming and monotonous. Maximizing the effectiveness of your Craigslist postings while minimizing the time spent on Craigslist adds is key, and our Craigslist integrations will do just that, increasing your return on investment and eliminating the time spent managing Craigslist inventory.

Simply set your adds budget and we’ll do the rest. Inventory is updated every day so that Craigslist is reflective of live inventory. An intuitive dashboard and strong analytic reporting work together to direct your Craigslist campaign for maximum effectiveness.

Spend more time selling, and less time marketing.

Convert traffic into revenue!

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